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"Rooted in Iowa, Traveling the World," has been our family's theme for over 25 years.  My husband gave me a 35mm camera for a college graduation gift many years ago, and he's had plenty of moments of regrets as I embraced my camera as my constant companion, and chronicled our lives and travels, requesting him to frequently stop the car, "so I can take a picture."  As John did the driving and I did the photographing, I had moments of loss when we didn't stop for what would have been my greatest photo.  All in good humor, I concede that I have captured thousands of moments and essences of places to treasure and share. 


My web site is for you, the viewers of my photos.  Embrace the moments and the wonders of the world that we have experienced.  Perhaps some of these images will root in your heart as they have done in mine.  Come back often as I build my site, share new memories and treasure the old.  Eventually my images will be for sale for your walls, notecards, calendars, coffee mugs and other prominent places.